Minimalist Family Photography

A big thank you to the Cicero’s for making my job so fun and enjoyable. I absolutely love having them in the studio. This session focuses on the simple, and the less is more approach to family portrait photography. Photographing families in a simple and minimalist way is most comfortable for me as a photographer because I gain a clear perspective of negative space and lighting. It also allows me to focus directly on each member of the family. When the scene is simplified, texture, shape, and form take precedence.  Light and contrast become much more rich and meaningful.

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Minimalist Style

Our minimalist family photography sessions are very informal.  We choose to provide a comfortable, lively, fun, and creative photo shoot.  Most families say they are surprised by how much fun they have with their portrait session.  The minimalist style for the majority of our photo sessions are quite similar, however, what I have realized though is when the ingredients are different, the end result never looks the same.  Families bring their own energy to a shoot and even if I do similar setups and poses, if I do it well, it never looks the same as another family.       

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“Gina is a wonderful photographer to work with, She is very kind and works hard to capture your special moment.”

Charlene D, Review


Featured images from the studio session.

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