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Simple Setups and Bath Session

There’s nothing that warms my heart more than seeing a child develop and learn over the course of a year, and First Birthday sessions are always the best time to show off some special milestones, like standing with little assistance and simple smiles of joy. 

Isabelle’s always been a calm and happy baby, so we expected little issues when selecting posing choices, wardrobe, and set setup. We all know babies have their occasional diva moments, but we work through them easily.

First, we got some coordinating blue outfits from our Client Closet for our family of four, and took some pictures of everyone together. 

We used a few more simple minimalist props to celebrate, like our O-N-E letters, teddy bear with wooden cake, and our crib. Sometimes we need to soothe or distract children during shoots so we may use snacks as an incentive, which we did while using the crib (nobody puts baby in the corner!). Other times, we use squeaky toys and rubber chickens to get the attention of babies, and let me tell you, they work like a charm.

We originally planned to do a cake smash with little Isabelle, but the Auxt family had already celebrated messily about a week before, so we opted for the bubble bath instead. While not especially interested in the water, Isabelle was clearly interested in our fake bubble decor and the real bubbles flowing out of our bubble fan. 

We usually encourage parents to let their children nap before a session so they’re in a more cooperative mood when shoot time comes around, but every child has their limits, and we aren’t looking to push them very far. 

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Milestones Session

We offer behind the scenes and session highlight videos to capture the intricate details and special moments of your preferred portrait session.

We are currently only accepting a limited number of sessions for Maternity, Newborns, and Milestones sessions.  

If you are considering booking a session with our studio, please contact us at your earliest convenience to ensure availability.


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“Gina and her team at Henley Design Studio created beautiful moments turned forever memories for our family. The heirloom products are exquisite and we cannot wait to display them throughout our home.

The Henley Design team is incredibly responsive and detail oriented, providing all the helpful tips and tricks leading up to our deluxe photoshoot. The studio space is fabulous and a comfortable place for us to relax while watching Gina work her magic with our twin girls. She even had a basket of toys and books to entertain our 2.5 year old daughter until it was her turn to participate in the session!

Gina’s expertise and creative passion are unmatched. She took such a gentle and flexible approach throughout our entire session. Gina is so personable and engaging and we left feeling like we gained a new (and extremely talented) friend.”



Milestone Photo Session

What props should I bring for my baby's first birthday photoshoot??

Props can add a fun and personal touch to your baby’s first birthday photoshoot. At Henley Design Studio, we recommend bringing a few meaningful items that represent your baby’s interests or hobbies. This could include a favorite toy, a special blanket or stuffed animal, or a book that they love.

However, it’s important not to overdo it with too many props, as they can sometimes distract from your baby’s natural charm and personality.

Our experienced assistants can guide you in choosing the right props and using them in a tasteful and meaningful way during the photoshoot.