Minimalist Baby Portraits

This minimalist baby portraits session was absolutely incredible.  This family session had a certain character and charm that shows perfectly using simple style and modern approach.  There is nothing that I love more than neutral simple colors.  We complemented this with minimal pink accents in wrap and gown selection to create the perfect tone.  These little babies are so fresh and pure, the soft neutral whites and light pinks showcase how beautiful these little ones are.  There is nothing to distract from the main focus.      

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The Newborn Portrait Style

Our minimalist portrait photography style have a few basic characteristics.  First, simple color palettes and clothing coordination are used to prevent distraction.  We also use negative space and our subjects are very well defined.  We think this conveys the essence of the scene better than any other style of photography.  This style allows you to look at the scene in a different way.  Texture, form, and shape take precedence along with proper lighting and contrast.       

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“I trust no one else with my family pictures! Almost three years going and my most cherished possessions”

Cory E. , Review


A few of our favorite images from this beautiful maternity with family portrait session.

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