Session Highlights

Cherished Moments: The Elegant Simplicity of Baby Aerith's Newborn Session

Our studio transformed into a serene oasis, swathed in an array of black and white. This minimalist backdrop created an undisturbed focus on the heart of the portrait – baby Aerith and her family. Their radiant smiles contrasted against the tranquil setting, each frame speaking volumes of their shared happiness.

The family, attired in formal black and white, added a touch of timeless elegance to the setting. The stark contrast of their outfits against the neutral backdrop further enhanced the purity of the emotions captured.

The focal point, baby Aerith, was the epitome of serenity in the warmth of her family’s embrace. The balance between the delicate new life and the strength of family love was a sight to behold, embodying our minimalist approach to newborn photography.

At Henley Design Studio, our newborn photography is designed to create enduring, genuine, and intimate portraits. We understand the profound joy a newborn brings into a family, and we aim to create a piece of art that will forever echo this precious time.

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Luxury Newborn Highlights

We offer behind the scenes and session highlight videos to capture the intricate details and special moments of your preferred portrait session.

We are currently only accepting a limited number of sessions for Maternity, Newborns, and Milestones sessions.  

If you are considering booking a session with our studio, please contact us at your earliest convenience to ensure availability. 

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“Gina and Lily from Henley Design Studio were AMAZING! They really made me feel so special during my maternity shoot and made me truly feel like a QUEEN for the day. The pictures could not have come out any better! We cannot wait to have these pictures for years to come to reflect on our pregnancy. Cannot recommend them enough. Thank you GIna and Lily!”

Sarah B.

Newborn Session FAQ

  1. What is the appeal of a minimalist approach to newborn photography?

    The minimalist approach in newborn photography allows us to highlight the newborn and the pure emotions of the family. With minimal distractions, we’re able to capture authentic, intimate images that beautifully depict the family’s bond.

  2. Why choose black and white for a newborn session?

    Black and white create a classic, sophisticated look that brings the focus purely on the subjects. It enhances the overall emotion, simplicity, and elegance, offering a versatile style that fits any decor seamlessly.

  3. How does Henley Design Studio ensure the baby’s comfort and safety during newborn sessions?

    At Henley Design Studio, baby’s safety and comfort are our top priorities. Our studio provides a cozy, warm environment, and our team is proficient in safe newborn handling and posing techniques. We pace each session according to the baby’s needs, allowing for breaks for feeding, changes, and cuddles.