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Elegant Maternity Photoshoot

At Henley Design Studio, we take pride in capturing the intimate moments and unique journey of each expecting mother. Our recent session with Sarah B. and her husband was an emblem of minimalist elegance, showcasing the raw beauty and emotional complexity of pregnancy.

There’s something infinitely captivating about the simplicity of white and black backgrounds. It creates a void of distraction, where the focus sharpens entirely on the subject – in this case, the radiant Sarah B. and her loving husband, immersed in the excitement and anticipation of their growing family.

Moreover, the maternity session with Sarah wasn’t just about still images. We added another dimension to this beautiful journey by creating a highlights/BTS video. This video encapsulates the essence of the maternity session, transforming fleeting moments into an everlasting visual memoir.

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Luxury Maternity Highlights

We offer behind the scenes and session highlight videos to capture the intricate details and special moments of your preferred portrait session.

We are currently only accepting a limited number of sessions for Maternity, Newborns, and Milestones sessions.  

If you are considering booking a session with our studio, please contact us at your earliest convenience to ensure availability. 

elegant maternity photoshoot black dress light background smile blog

“Gina and Lily from Henley Design Studio were AMAZING! They really made me feel so special during my maternity shoot and made me truly feel like a QUEEN for the day. The pictures could not have come out any better! We cannot wait to have these pictures for years to come to reflect on our pregnancy. Cannot recommend them enough. Thank you GIna and Lily!”

Sarah B.

Maternity Portrait Session FAQ

Why choose white and black backgrounds for maternity photos? Black and white backgrounds provide a timeless, distraction-free canvas that highlights the subject of the photo. These backgrounds help to capture the raw emotions, intimate moments, and the natural beauty of pregnancy.

What is the significance of “beauty in simplicity” in maternity photography? “Beauty in simplicity” is all about capturing the essence of the subject without the need for elaborate props or settings. It’s about capturing the real, raw, and beautiful journey of motherhood, focusing on the emotions and bonds rather than the decor.

What is a highlights/bts video? A highlights or behind-the-scenes (BTS) video is a cinematic capture of your maternity photo session. It includes candid moments, the preparation process, and the emotion-filled journey of the session, providing a more dynamic and immersive keepsake of this special time.