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Marking Milestones: First Birthday Photo Session

The journey of a child’s first year is filled with remarkable milestones, each one a joyous celebration of life. One such cherished milestone we recently had the honor of capturing was Ezra’s first birthday photo session. Her mom and grandma were part of this memorable day, creating an affectionate family portrait at Henley Design Studio.

Ezra, a delightful little girl, greeted us with bright, inquisitive eyes and a contagious smile. Her first birthday photo session was a testament to the innocent charm of babies, a charm that is truly captivating.

At Henley Design Studio, we believe in creating a comfortable and engaging environment for our little clients. Ezra’s session was no exception. Her mother and grandmother, styled in complementary outfits, added a warm touch to the session. Their familial bond radiated pure love, providing an emotionally rich backdrop for the photos.

To mark Ezra’s first year, we included a fun-filled cake smash and a bubbly bath photoshoot. Seeing her joyous reaction, her sparkling eyes at the sight of the cake, and her delightful splashing during the bath was a sight to behold. These moments were not only fun but created endearing memories encapsulated in timeless images.

Throughout Ezra’s session, our philosophy was to capture not just photos, but emotions and stories. We caught every joyful expression, every surprised look, every shared laugh, all against our minimalist and elegant backdrop. A behind-the-scenes video of Ezra’s shoot is also being crafted, capturing every delightful moment in high-resolution 4k, adding a complete narrative to this milestone celebration.

The result? A treasure trove of beautiful images and videos capturing Ezra’s milestone moment, a moment mom and grandma can cherish forever. These are not just photos, they are memories, stories, and a precious legacy.

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Luxury Milestone Highlights

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“We have been so thrilled working with Gina and all her amazing staff for both maternity and newborn sessions! The ease of communication and transparency with everything has made this very easy for me as my mind has been all over the place in the sleep deprived state I’m in. We are continually blown away at how great the pictures came out!” (maternity & newborn review

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Milestone Portrait Session FAQ

What makes a first birthday photo session special?
A first birthday photo session is a celebration of your child’s milestone year. It often includes fun elements like a cake smash and a bath photoshoot. These sessions are designed to capture your child’s personality and charm as they experience new things.

How do I prepare my child for the cake smash and bath photoshoot?
At Henley Design Studio, we ensure a comfortable and enjoyable environment for your child. To prepare for the cake smash, you might let your child taste a bit of cake a few days before. As for the bath photoshoot, bringing their favorite bath toys can make them feel at ease.

Can family members be included in the first birthday photoshoot?
Absolutely! We encourage family members to be a part of this joyous occasion. It’s a great opportunity to capture the bond between the child and family, creating beautiful memories that last a lifetime.